Audi's Information

Breed: Pit/mix,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 9 Years
Can live with: Cats, Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Sandpoint

My girl Audi is such a loving and sweet girl. She gets along with most animals, cats and dogs, some dogs it take a little longer to be easy around, and smaller dogs, she’s not a fan of. Cats, she likes them, she’s just never sure how to act around them…she’ll chase at first, but most cats will smack her up a little then she’s scared forever of them.. in time she will become friends with all.

Recently, my son, Audi and I had to leave our place of living due to it not being the safest environment.  We are currently living in a hotel. I have options for my son and I, but unfortunately not for Audi, due to no pets allowed. Financially I won’t be able to get a place of our own until taxes happen.

I am not looking to rehome my dog to a forever home. I really would love to find a foster home for her until I can have her back. She is my first baby and I don’t want to loose her. She’s been part of my family for 9 years.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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