Emmy's Information

Breed: Pit X,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Post Falls, ID

Emmy was adopted by us about 6 months ago with two other dogs. She is the most loving, gentle dog to her humans. She loves to be right next to u on the sofa and will come right in for a chest cuddle. She is super smart! She knows sit, down, leave it, kennel, shake, stay, walks well on a training collar, loves to go with u in the car. She is kennel trained. She is one of the best dog human companions I have ever had…and I am old.

That being said. Emmy is animal aggressive. We have had her to training classes, had professional trainers/ animal behaviorist to the house and Emmy will do okay for a bit but then out of no where will attack. Once she starts attacking she remains focused. She needs a loving home with her as the ONLY animal FOREVER. Don’t let her fool you because she behaved a few times with another animal. She can be good but not forever.

We have to think of the other two dogs we brought into our home. They will play and live with each other sometimes for months and then out of the blue a very serious dog fight. I am not talking nips and nibbles. She has done well on a leash out in public but we don’t stop and visit with other animals. She will follow commands on the training collar. When she is around other dogs I think she is protective of her own body, (doesn’t always like to be jumped on) her domain ( house) her property (yard) and her physical space ( her bubble). She needs a home with NO other pets. If u meet her u will love her. Her heart belongs to humans. Will u be her forever and only human?

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