HAPPY's Information

Breed: Siamese,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 5 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes

HAPPY has always lived inside my home. I live in the hills above Priest River, so there are mice and deer. When HAPPY sees the deer through the windows, she squeaks; when she finds a mouse inside the house, she plays with it until it succumbs to the play. (She has never chewed up a mouse.)

HAPPY likes to be picked up and carried around the house while I talk to her. (she weighs only 8-9 pounds) She sleeps on the bed, keeping my ankles warm.

She understands some language, as in: “Do you want some chow?” And to this she will answer with a small “meow”.

HAPPY is the only pet I have, so she has not been around other animals. Other cats have strolled by the house at times, which will yield the same squeak as seeing the deer. Therefore, HAPPY might be good around other small animals.

I have taken HAPPY to the vet every year (mid March) for her shots and annual checkup. She is happy and healthy. My only reason for asking for her to be re-homed is due to my own health and age. I’m becoming more unfair to her as I age and can no longer pick her up to carry her. I miss that so very much. So does HAPPY.

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