Obi's Information

Breed: German Shepherd/Brazilian Mastiff,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 0-1 Year
Can live with: Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Coeur d'Alene

– He is neutered, current on his immunizations and chipped–ready for registration with his forever home. He is very healthy and around 75-80 pounds right now.
– He knows over 20 commands including come, sit, lay down, leave it, crate, settle, bark, quiet, etc.
– He loves riding in the car – crated and in the open.
– He walks like a champ on a leash.
– He is crate trained.
– He is house trained.
– He is super easy to train – very food motivated and is not a picky treat eater.
– He loves playing – fetch, tug, running through sprinklers, etc.
– He has done very well for us inside – does not get on furniture, does not chew things he is not supposed to (other than an occasional sock – which he gives back without a fuss).
– He sleeps all night! He goes to bed for us around 7:00 each evening, gets a potty break around 10:00, and then sleeps until 6:30 the next morning. Has been doing this since he was three months old.

What he needs help with:
– Obi gets anxious and needs space and encouragement around new people. He is slow to warm up to people he is just meeting but after a few minutes is usually ready to be around them. It takes a little longer for him to get completely comfortable with someone. He has done great for us on walks around people – runners, walkers, bikes, skateboards, etc. – are not an issue at this time. We have walked him 2-3 times daily around our busy neighborhood and trails, taken him to parks multiple times weekly, and had people over to our backyard for parties/get togethers many times.
– Obi is not a fan of other dogs right now. In mid-August we were walking past other dogs on trails, sidewalks, etc. without any major issues. Starting about three weeks ago, he is struggling with this and really needs distance to process other dogs. This is something we continue to train on but progress is slow.

– He needs someone with a firm/fair hand (Mastiffs can be sensitive), lots of patience/grace/understanding (what puppy doesn’t), understands puppies (especially large breed types), and has big dog experience. He is a great puppy and we have loved having him at home – he does need some work and you will need time in your schedule to finish his training.

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